School Volunteer Management and Background Check Autopilot Software

Put your background checks on autopilot.

Thanks to emerging technology, licensing boards no longer have to rely on self-reporting to protect the public. Now, you can monitor the criminal offense histories of your licensees on a recurring basis for a fraction of the cost of traditional background checks.

If a licensee is charged with a criminal offense, you get an email. If a licensee's case is updated, you get an email. It's that simple.

The result? Seamless protection, without administrative hassle.

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Background Check AutopilotOur Solution is:


  • No set-up or installation
  • No IT support required
  • No new systems to learn


  • Investigators automatically updated on active cases


  • Less than $1 per licensee each year


  • You choose how to respond
  • Filter out minor offenses


  • In use by licensing boards since 2012

availability mapWhere is this service available?

Availability depends on your state's method of storing criminal data. This service is currently available in Arizona, North Carolina, Oregon, and Pennsylvania.

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